September 7th, 2021

voice of the city

4,400 historic images of Shanghai mapped on PastVu

Highlights of this project appear on the Facebook page Mapping Old Shanghai. Here is a selection of images from the latest hundred:

Indian policeman in front of Wanfulai 万福来, on the crossing of Nanking Road 南京路 and Shantung Road 山东路, in 1908:

Temple of the Heavenly Empress (Tianhou) 天后宫, which used to be on North Henan Road 北河南路, just north of the bridge across Soochow (Suzhou) Creek, c. 1907:

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Front gate of Star Motion Picture Co. 明星影片公司, which used to be on Xujiahui Creek, to the south of the French Concession, photographed in 1937:

Young girl and her amah, photographed near Tifeng Road (now North Wulumuqi Road), with Yue Tuck Apartments in the background, in 1938 (from Hennie Warinner's archive):

Still from a 1946 newsreel, showing the crowds at the black market on Liuhe Road 六合路, off Nanking Road 南京路:

City police doing the "street corner execution" of a group of captured Communists, on Zhonghua Road 中华路 near the Old West Gate 老西门, in early May 1949 – just days before the Communist armies take Shanghai (there exists also a newsreel footage of this massacre):

Citizens navigating the barbwire barricade on Kaifeng Road 开封路, close to the Windy Corner blockhouse on North Tibet Road 西藏北路, defended by the forces of the International Settlement:

Models lounging on the lawn of Ruijin Guesthouse 瑞金宾馆, c. 1970:

Foreign youths outside the entrance to the Metropole ballroom, on Gordon Road, in 1938 (from Hennie Warinner's archive):

From the same source – Anna Gredowsky and Jan van Senden, at the Racecourse, with New World Amusement Center 新世界 and Sun Co. Department Store 大新公司 in the background, in the 1930s:

More historic images can be found in the PastVu gallery.

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You can use various base maps: Mapnik street map and Google Scheme are good for reading the street names. Yandex Satellite is often sharper than Google Satellite.

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