July 1st, 2021

Architect I. P. Tomashevsky at work (1932)

Another fabulous find at the MRCSF – and one of the main reasons for my visit – was the collection of photographs and drawings by the architect V. N. Dronnikoff (Владимир Николаевич Дронников; 1913–2010), whom Shanghai audiences know mainly as the creator of Delastre Apartments at 238 Taiyuan Road (because there is a heritage plaque). But he designed more buildings, in Shanghai and in Hong Kong, and in the coming days I'll be unloading the info here and on the Building Russian Shanghai.

For now, here is a portrait of Dronnikoff's colleague, Ilarion Tomashevsky (Иларион Павлович Томашевский; 1909–1970), the "midget-apartment mastermind", working at his desk in 1932: