February 16th, 2021

Walentyna Niedzwiedzka: Vice-Miss Shanghai 1942 and 1944

Shanghai's crowned beauties, left to right:
Top row: Zhou Shuping (1929), Elsie Kwok (1929), Takeko Inouye (1931), Helen Sloutsky (1931), Nina Barsamova (1933).
Middle row: Tamara Labutina (1935), Marina Homiakoff (1937), Margaret Venevsky (Benevsky) (1938), Galina Soldatenko (1940), Faina Hablieff (1941).
Bottom row: Wang Meimei (1941), Wang Yunmei (1946), Zhang Yuqing (1947), Olga Guy (1947), Ruth Wachsmann (1948).

This collage of old Shanghai's beauty queens is included in my article on the Miss Shanghai pageants in the years 1929–1948. The pageants of the wartime years were relatively poorly documented, but here is an online image that introduces a new face: Walentyna Niedzwiedzka (Валентина Недзвецкая), who was a runner-up, or a "Princess", in the Miss Shanghai beauty pageant twice – in 1942 and in 1944:

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