February 14th, 2021

Over 3,900 historic images of Shanghai mapped on PastVu

Highlights of this project appear on the Facebook page Mapping Old Shanghai. Here is a selection of some fairly obscure locations from the most recent 100 uploads:

The French Post Office that once stood on today's South Sichuan Road:

The King residence on the former Route Ferguson, now Wukang Road (likely still standing):

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One of those mini-stations for the police that used to line the southern border of the French Concession, where it reached Siccawei Creek. This one was at the end of Route Ghisi, today's Yueyang Road:

A rather unlikely structure - the Slav wooden architecture! – in the middle of the French Concession. This is St. Gabriel's Church, on Route Lorton (today's Xiangyang Road):

Kiangsu (Jiangsu) Railway Administration building, at today's Nanchezhan Road (where the original South Station used to be):

The spacious campus of Eliza Yates' Girls school in the north of the city:

Southern facade of the rarely photographed Parsee Prayer Hall, which used to be on Fuzhou Road:

The Japanese march along Avenue Foch, along the border of the two Settlements in 1937 – somewhat menacing for the foreign authorities – allows us to see the little-known corner of today's Yan'an and Shaanxi Roads:

The beautiful Modern Press building on Pingliang Road, of which I wrote here:

Other historic images can be found in the PastVu gallery.

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You can use various base maps: Mapnik street map and Google Scheme are good for reading the street names. Yandex Satellite is often sharper than Google Satellite.

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