August 23rd, 2020

Dongjiadu-2019: the battle continues

I could not fathom I'd be reading demolition news again, but it turned out the cheerful "Move out with sunshine" (阳光搬迁), spotted by toniski, has a sinister twin: "Nail households eat bitter (get in trouble); signees eat sugar." (钉子户吃亏,签约者吃糖)

According to this excellent article, the person behind the controversial "Sunshine relocation" campaign Zhang Guoliang 张国樑 is informally known as Shanghai's Number One Thug. The journalist also paid a visit to the curageous public rights defender Wu Jianhua 吴建华 who always put his signature on his protest graffiti (top image), even though they got painted over every time.

Image: My photo from 2011.