August 20th, 2020

Coming down alert: more of the old town

Not only the Qiaojia Road area, but also everything to the north of it, all the way to East Fuxing Road, is going to be demolished. Here are some of the historic buildings in this area that will be destroyed:

Hall of Moral Transformation Yihuatang 翼化堂, 66 Aijia Lane 艾家弄66号:

Ai family residence, 80 Aijia Lane 艾家弄80号 艾家宅:

[See the rest of the buildings...]
Ma Family residence "Hall of Tranquility" Qingningtang 麻清宁堂, 35 Hongqiao Lane 虹桥弄35号:

Residence, No. 3 Lane 136 Wangyun Road 望云路136弄3号:

Longevity and Health Lane Shoukangli 寿康里, Lane 146 Wangyun Road 望云路146弄:

76 Dafufang 大夫坊76号:

Pure Land Temple 净土庵, 19 Jingtu Street 净土街19号:

Residence, 18 Jingtu Street 净土街18号:

Longevity and Prosperity Lane 寿昌里, 21 Dongmeijia Street 东梅家街21弄:

23 Dongmeijia Street 东梅家街23号:

Hall of Delight and Splendour 怡彩堂, 43 Dongmeijia Street 东梅家街43号 :

Yu Zhixiang's residence "Cottage of the Awaken" Juelu 觉庐, 45 Zhaojiazhai Road 赵家宅路45号:

Xu Songquan's residence "My Other Dwelling" 亦吾庐, 93 Daochuan Lane 倒川弄93号 :

Ever-Green Lane Songqingli 松青里, 79 Daochuan Lane 倒川弄79弄

Foundling Home Yuyingtang 育婴堂, 41 Xitangjia Lane 西唐家弄41号:

Residence, 131 Xitangjia Lane 西唐家弄131号:

"Mao Zedong stencil lane" Sha'anfang 沙安坊, 73 Xitangjia Lane, 西唐家弄73弄:

Residence, Lingji Street 灵济街:

See this post for more information on the Qiaojia Road redevelopment zone.

My book Shanghai Old Town Vol. 2 The Walled City has detailed descriptions of these and other places in the old town.