July 12th, 2020

Summer heat in Shanghai

...as presented by the Zikawei Observatory in 1927. The thin line shows the 70-year average (of daily highs or noonday measurements, not averages, I think); the thick line – the year 1927. One third of all the days the heat reaches 97 F (36 C) or higher, and one day it hits 100 F (37,8 C). (This is not the correct way to read statistics, but) an imaginary day averaged from the 70 years between 1857 and 1927 was noticeably cooler: half the days the temperature was under 90 F (32 C), there were only 5 days with the heat reaching 92 F (33 C) or higher, and it was never hotter than 96 F (35.5 C). (This graph is distorting my vision, so I'm wrapping it up.)