June 28th, 2020

Some Russian liquor producers in Shanghai

Lazaridy Liquor Factory; a cartoon ad by Sapajou, published in 1937:

"If you had the Snop vodka last night, then today you are, of course, peppy and cheerful." The ad for the Farimex Distilling Works, from 1952:

"The best and the most affordable" wine from the Omega factory; sold at all grocery stores, licensed by the French Municipality; ad from 1937:

Grape wines of A. M. Nikonova. Red Harbin, Red Chefoo, White Shandung. Natural grape wines with quality guarantee; ad from 1937:

There were also the liquor factory Titania – the oldest among the Russian distilleries – and Mercury Vodka, Liquors and Mineral Water Company...