June 3rd, 2020

Fake news?

Death of 135-Year-Old Russian Resident of Harbin
Harbin, Nov 13, 1933

The death has occurred here of Mrs. A. Adotova, who was born in 1798, fully 135 years ago. Deceased first saw light in serfhood and remained in the service of a Moscow family until Alexander II emancipated the serfs in 1861. She lived through the reigns of Nicholas I, Alexander II, Alexander II and Nicholas II, and claimed to have had a distinct recollection of Napoleon's occupation of Moscow [in 1812]. She had been residing in Harbin since 1921. – Reuter

This was printed in Shanghai's NCDN in Nov 1933 and reprinted in North-American newspapers early next year. Leaving the age aside, the surname – Adotova – does not sound real either.