April 17th, 2020

RAS Journal 2019 and Miss Shanghai beauty pageants

At last, the RAS Journal-2019 is out. It contains my article about the Miss Shanghai beauty pageants in 1929–1949. The issue download is here.

Top image: Portraits of the contestants, taken by leading photo Shanghai studios to promote the pageant in 1933: Jennifer Stenhouse, Laura Chieri (she took the second prize), Ethelwynne Spence, Billie Smith, Margaret Marsh, Itala Chieri, Matilda Chieri, P. A. Montgomery. North-China Sunday News, April 1933

Normandie revisited, over and over

Some news is never old: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/IZtBzCV4Gu04gnVf6aTf-A

Whenever this surfaces, I am reminded of one of questions I still have about my favorite building in Shanghai: why and when exactly did the I.S.S. Apartments, as it was called in the first few years, become the Normandy, and later even the Normandie?