February 29th, 2020

Nielsen Villa – 1924 vs. 2014

Real estate ad from 1924:

(They sometimes accidentally replaced Boissezon with Boissevain, because both were contemporaries and diplomats in Shanghai, only Boissezon was French and Boissevain was Dutch)

Street view from 2014, 复兴西路36号, :

It always makes me happy when a stranger in Shanghai's street suddenly lifts his hat and introduces himself. Hello, Nielsen Villa! From the time of its construction in 1924, the villa had different residents – A. E. C. Thompson, Mrs. A. L. Austin, E. C. Traerup, Mrs Van den Berg, and lastly H. Klyhn as of 1947. Now it is the plush home of the Shanghai branch of the Hangzhou auction house 西泠印社拍卖有限公司.

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