February 5th, 2020

Genova impressions-2

No two apartments in Genova have the same floor plan. The northern wind (tramontana) can be quite chilly even on a balmy February day. When it blows, the narrow alleys (carrugi) are strewn with single socks, swept from the clothlines above. Around sunset, the tops of the buildings are still enjoying the daylight, while the bottoms are steeped in darkness and the lights have gone up. It is completely acceptable to throw paper confetti anywhere in the street.

American Warship Entertains Local Children (1930)

Over 250 local poor children, mostly Russians, were given a treat aboard the USS Barker on Christmas morning. A number of launches were chartered to take the children from the Customs' Jetty and they were met on their arrival on the ship by a real Father Christmas and there was a well-decorated Christmas tree from which every child received a present. The youngsters were taken around the ship by members of the crew and then given a good meal.

Shanghai Sunday Times, Dec 1930