January 21st, 2020

Municipal councillor's dream (1925)

Any good bureaucrat can relate! The municipal coffers are full and locked; new capacious trams move passengers along well-organized streets; Shanghai Grand Opera theatre has been built, rows of trees planted, a replica of the Eiffel Tower is looming on the horizon. Thankful citizens have erected the administrator a shiny new statue... In the "biting reality," however, the "expenses cat" is about to outrun and smother the "income mouse."

Image: Sapajou

#142 Shanghai Architecture Series (in Russian): Grand Theatre 大光明大戏院

Read in Russian: https://magazeta.com/arc-grande-theater/
The article mentions the old Carlton Café and the early Grand Theatre, the architect L. E. Hudec,  A. A. Reyer's construction company, F. Chaliapine's visit to Shanghai, as well as audience complaints about the design of the building and their (ridiculous) solutions.

Image: L. E. Hudec