August 28th, 2019


Russian Culture in Shanghai series (in Chinese): all issues

There is a total of 6 articles in Chinese now, on various aspects of the Russian experience in Shanghai:

6. Russian photo studios: Josepho, Joseffo, Kobza, Podolsky, Skvirsky, Sanzetti, Seepol and others:
5. Living conditions of Russians in Shanghai: boarding houses, apartments, hostels:
4. Russian restaurants in old Shanghai: Shainin's deli, Astoria Confectionery, Tkachenko, Kavkaz, Renaissance:
3. Russian women-fashion designers: Nina Gingeroff, Tatiana Linova (Maison Arcus) and Eleanora Garnett:
2. Arcadia Cabaret and beauty pageants Miss Shanghai:
1. Lyceum Theatre and Russian performance arts:

Soprano Catherine Orlovskaya (Екатерина Орловская) performing at the restaurant Renaissance in 1949. Image: Jack Birns/Life.