August 6th, 2019


Mapping the old town in 1949-2

A couple more photos from Jack Birns' walk through the old town. The sharp-eyed sy-随意 helped identify the corner of Fangbang Road and the Jiujiachang Street:

This alley, once called 陈士安桥, is now nameless, nothing more than a gap between a new shopping mall and a parking lot:

If you find yourself at this spot in our days, your attention is immediately drawn in the opposite direction, where ginormous faux-historic facades of the Yuyuan Bazaar beckon the tourists. But back in 1948, nothing was there to spike the interest of the photographer – in spite of the favorable western light – so he pointed his camera in the southern direction, down the narrow cobblestone alley with laundry strung overhead...

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