April 28th, 2019


Russian Easter in Shanghai

Happy Orthodox Easter! The Easter Mass took place today, on April 28, 2019, in the Orthodox Cathedral on former Route Paul Henry (today's Xinle Road 新乐路).

Here is a then and now comparison of the dome of the Cathedral, one photo taken in 2019 and one in 1963:

A rare view of the backlit icons on the windows, still in their places in 1963:

Color photos: Marie-Astrid de Mézerac; black and white photos courtesy of Mikhail Mandrigin.

In the recent years, Russian Easter and Christmas services in Shanghai have been taking place in St. Nicholas Church on Rue Corneille (Gaolan Road 皋兰路), but the building is now undergoing renovation, and – as I found out half an hour ago – a bookstore will be furnished there. Mixed feelings...