March 5th, 2019


"Boundary tablets mark traces of city development"

I prefer them in their places, but...

You'd see a certain stone, a lintel, a doorframe, a house, a lane, a neighborhood in their context, supported by other material evidence of their history and present – and then you find them in a museum – or worse, left in the street but scooped out from the original surroundings, singled out, "revamped" – and this is as far from a meaningful urban environment as anything can be.

Wengjia Lane 翁家弄

Kaimingli 开明里

Huiguan Back Lane 会馆后街

Dongmeijia Lane 东梅家弄

Xigouyu Lane 西钩玉弄

Meixi Lane 梅溪弄

Xiaoputuo Street 小普陀街