August 1st, 2018


Bad news for the old town

This piece of news is worrisome. With the word 'revamping' seeping into every other paragraph, you know this does not bode well for the residents' community and for the historic city. The developers are itching to sink their claws into the last authentic corner of the old town's north: the area east of the City God Temple. I don't believe any of the preservation incantations in the article. The message is obvious: downtown land is golden and it gets redeveloped. You can bet against me and claim your reward in a few years if you don't see a string of boutique hotels and retail promenades after the 'revamping' is finished, with all the former homeowners cleanly swept to the suburbs.


#99 Shanghai Architecture Series in Russian: The American Club

In the article:
- on Laszlo Hudec's leap from a draftsman to a hot young architect;
- on the exclusion of Chinese, Black Americans and all women;
- on ensuring 24-hour access to the apple pie and iced water;
- on dramatic events one could witness from the Club's balcony over the years.

Google translate of the article.

Image: Sapajou's cartoon depicting Carl Crow fundraising for the library, published in the North-China Herald, Apr 1925.