July 15th, 2018


Then and Now: or rather 'Then and Then'

Sometimes I do 'then and now' photo comparisons, but these are more like 'then and then,' showing various locations in times before ours. All credits are in the image links.

1. The corner of Nanjing Road and Shanxi Road in 1945 and 1976. These buildings have since been torn down and modernized:

2. Shanghai Club in 1937 and in 1990:


3. Villas on Route Petain (Hengshan Road) around 1940 and around 1990:

4. Nanjing Road department stores in the 1930s and in the 1970s:

5. Xujiahui Cathedral in 1957 and in 1979:

6. The Great World in 1942 and in 1957: