June 29th, 2018


Over 1,300 historic photos of Shanghai mapped on PastVu

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Among the recent additions:
- the Summer Palace Restaurant on the corner of Fuzhou and Tibet Roads that served 'Hygienic Chinese Food' in the 1940s;
- several billboards captured by Jack Birns in 1948 for his advertisement-focused series;
- two beautiful architectural drawings (1, 2) of an office building that was built in 1908 on Sichuan Road;
- some iconic views of downtown streets from the Croiseur Lamotte collection;
- a stretch of Henan Road that took me some time to identify;
- a picturesque stretch of Shanse Road;
- a stretch of Sichuan Road in the business center and several angles on Hwa Tai Exchange;
- the border of the Chinese territory and the French Concession;
- more auto service stations: Reliance Motors, Moody Inc., Shell gas station, Standard Vacuum Oil;
- a couple of views of Rue du Consulat, to complement my long blog post and a Russian-language article;
- several views of the International Dispensary on Henan Road;
- Hongkou Fire Station;
- Carlowitz & Co. godown on the bank of Suzhou Creek and their central office on Jiujiang Road;
- several views of Route Petain;
- the Ambassador Cafe;
- the Palais next to Bloody Alley;
- Plaza Hotel on the corner of East Jinling and Sichuan Road, following a lively discussion on Facebook;
- the lovely old building of the Shanghai-Nanking Railway Administration tucked inside the block off the Bund;
- several views of the Mitsubishi Building;
- China Import & Export Lumber Co. on Jiangxi Road;
- a couple of views of the modernist Pudong Guildhall that, unfortunately, perished in the construction of the elevated Yan'an Road;

and many others...