June 26th, 2018


Signs can be deceptive

This photo from the Malcolm Rosholt collection at HPC does not make sense, until you flip it. This is Avenue Joffre, near the intersection of Avenue du Roi Albert; the Weida Hotel is in the frame, but the Cathay Mansions and the Grosvenor House appear to have switched places:

It is logical that the hotel sign should be facing downtown, so it should appear mirror-reversed from the vantage point of the photographer, like below:


Over a hundred photos of Shanghai in 1976

I don't know how you stumble on a Flickr album like this – none of the photos have captions or descriptions – but the formidable 随意-sy found it and posted on Weibo.

The Garden Bridge and the Soviet Consulate:

This and other images are from the Flickr photostream Editors CJ.

A green mailbox and a trash can at the corner of East Nanjing Road and the Bund, with the Palace Hotel to the left and the Peace-Cathay at the back:

Walking along Nanjing Road, starting from the Palace Hotel:

Nanjing Road, looking east:

The Folk Instruments Factory at 114 Nanjing Road (incredibly, still at this address):

Reached the crossing with Tibet Road; the former Da Sun Department Store on the right:

Shanghai Concert Hall, former Nanking Theatre:

And so on – highly recommended! Full album on Flickr.