June 12th, 2018


Fake old building detected

At first I was furious. How dare they take this historic building...

(from here; undated)

...and strip it to bare bones like this?!

From current Baidu street maps.

But then I realized the top image is more recent, and the image below shows the fake old building being constructed.

Here is the aerial from 1948 vs. the recent view:

The location is Yuanfang Alley (aka Lane 126 Middle Sichuan Road 四川中路126弄25号), right off the Bund, behind the Russel & Co.

The original building was the offices of the Tung Yok Kung Shipping Co. (东悦公行). Its pitched roof was last seen in February 2010 (according to Google Earth) and then the building was dismantled, to be replaced with a new building in the old style.