May 24th, 2018


Over 1100 historic photos of Shanghai mapped on PastVu

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Among the recent additions:
- Werner von Boltenstern's photos of clothing stores on one stretch of Fujian Road;
- various bookstores on Fuzhou Road;
- a very thorough coverage of the Star Garage on Bubbling Well Road, including views from the back;
- several shots of Central Garage, on Hongkong Road, including a panoramic roof view;
- the Eastern Garage that suffered from a fire in 1918;
- the Union Garage on Avenue du Roi Albert;
- multiple shots of the Grand Garage Français;
- several photos of the Horse Bazaar and Motor Supply at the edge of the Racecourse;
- other elegant garages in the French Concession;
- three great architectural drawings of the Young Apartments on Avenue Joffre, authored by C. F. Butt;
- several views of early Rue Mercier, when the space between the Cathay Theatre and Cathay Mansions was still occupied by old villas;
- the beautiful office building of Brunner, Mond & Co. on Sichuan Road;
- Robert Dollar Building on Canton Road;
- a clearer shot of Hongkew Cinema than I had before;
- the Houston Court Apartments at the corner of Avenue Joffre and Avenue Haig, and a little villa next to it, where the Jiaotong University station's Exit 7 is now;
- Hudec's Union Building on Sichuan Road;
- the beautiful Siming Bank on Beijing Road (its decaying grace has always intrigued me);
- Beijing Road ferry wharf;
- two verifiable images of the West Gate in the city wall;
and many others...