May 12th, 2018


Prepare to lose everything you loved in central Shanghai

Sickening news:

For several years, if not decades, the 'ruinovation' has been brewing.

Top left circled area: The last inhabited lane compound in the area, Shangxianfang, was emptied of residents and prepared for gentrification a few years ago.
Top right area: The only street with contiguous arcades in southern style, Jinling Road, was emptied and destroyed too.
Lower left area: Xintiandi has been expanding in all directions, devouring more and more historic neighborhoods.
Lower right area: The last historic patches in the north half of the old town – the Wangyima Lanes, the Jinjiafang area, the Wutong Road neighborhood – have been on the fast track to obliteration since last year.

Source of images: here.