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Richer than Du
...Continued from the previous post.

While I was proctastinaning examining the high-angle aerial shot of Du Yuesheng's house, my attention was drawn to the block just west from the gangsters' dwellings:

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These mansions exceed Du's and Zhang's homes in opulence and the size of the lots. The one on the right is comprised of several buildings, with a large garage, a guard's house on the corner, a pavilion and a landscaped garden. The one on the left also has a lush garden and a pavilion immersed in greenery. I thought they could have been institutions, but the map from 1939 marks them as residences:

The address of the property on the right seems to be 4 Rue Baron Gros, while the left one is on 25 Rue Amirale Bayle.

Read more to find out who owned them...Collapse )


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