April 10th, 2014

Dragon Chi

More Route Dupleix

Been digging in Shanghai Hongs directories kindly provided by Tess Johnston.

The mysterious Gothic mansion on 255 Anfu Lu corresponds to 297 Route Dupleix.

255 Anfu=297 Dupleix

A large Russian family lived there in the 1930s: the 1934 directory lists Mr & Mrs W. E. Ulanoff, Mr and Mrs J. B. Cheney and B. Ulanoff. In 1936 the first Ulanoffs are still there, plus there are Mr & Mrs Leonard Corner and Mr & Mrs N. V. Rimsha. In 1939, only the "older" Ulanoffs are listed at this address. In 1941 the same two Ulanoffs are now joined by Mr & Mrs H. Rodger and Mr and Mrs S. Jooskya.

I was puzzled to see Dupleix Apartments referred to as Kingsbury Apartments in this memoir. Mr. C. Kingsbury was living there in 1934; perhaps he was the proprietor.