Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

A visit to the bogus terracotta army

1105-Terracotta Army Visit-3

We've long suspected the Terracotta Army is fake. On the internet there is an absence of scientific material about the army from any source other than China.

1105-Terracotta Army Visit-7

The walls of the hangar covering the Pit No.1 are covered with images of Chinese "scientists" in various stages of unearthing and assembling.

1105-Terracotta Army Visit-8

In reality, the site looks like a theater set for an archaeological site, not a real excavation.

1105-Terracotta Army Visit-9

1105-Terracotta Army Visit-10

The army men guarding the site had no idea of the archaeologists work schedule.

1105-Terracotta Army Visit-26

After 2 pm a group of "archaeologists" finally appeared.

1105-Terracotta Army Visit-27

The women scientists looked like sturdy countrywomen and cleaning ladies.

1105-Terracotta Army Visit-28

The men could be confused with drivers or doormen.

1105-Terracotta Army Visit-29

Two "scientists" undertook a long walk along the ramp between the excavation chambers.

1105-Terracotta Army Visit-30

The archaeologists hid their hands and avoided meeting each others' eye while they loitered by the lockers for about thirty minutes.

1105-Terracotta Army Visit-31

One scientist appeared busy by constantly taking off, folding and putting on his work jacket.

1105-Terracotta Army Visit-32

Another scientist began to have trouble with her jacket. Soon the whole brigade was helping her.

1105-Terracotta Army Visit-33

A group of "scientists" choose the least visible spot behind the figures and engaged in melancholic flipping of a bunch of glossy cards. It was obvious the archaeologists were forbidden to touch anything.

1105-Terracotta Army Visit-34

A lady archaeologist was fruitfully engaged taking shards from a plastic bag, wiping them and putting them into another bag.

1105-Terracotta Army Visit-35

Another sought shelter in the corner of the site.

1105-Terracotta Army Visit-36

A spirit of melancholy and lazy deception possessed the site and slowed the movements of the people hired to pretend to be working.

1105-Terracotta Army Visit-14

The terracotta army, allegedly discovered in 1974 and ascribed to the Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The warriors bypassed the carbon dating procedure. No independent (read: international) researcher has ever been allowed to run tests on the figures.

1105-Terracotta Army Visit-24

The warriors' faces are those of modern bullies. Their bodies are without complexity or ornamentation. There is no sense of surprise, strangeness and naivete that always accompanies ancient art.

1106-Shaanxi Museum

This is a burial army created two hundred years later, during the Han. The small-sized warriors have placid faces of extraterrestrials; their horses are sweetly misshapen.

1106-Shaanxi Museum-3

After centuries of magnificent crazy bronzes (see the actual Qin-era vessel above), why would they put such a boring-looking goose into the Emperor's grave (below)?

1106-Shaanxi Museum-2

1105-Terracotta Army Visit-21

The army was not discovered in 1974 – it was built in 1974. And "artifacts" are still being manufactured, "painstakingly assembled from found pieces." New "discoveries" are announced at regular intervals. Two million people visit the site every year. China's cultural prestige and Xi'an's tourist economy depend on the Terracotta Warriors.

The hoax is in everybody's interest, and it will continue.
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