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Katya Knyazeva

Shanghai through the lens of Soviet documentary filmmakers (1949–1950)

An absolute must-see! China through the lens of Soviet documentary cinematographers. Unique archival color footage taken in 1949–1950 and never screened before, including lots of vivid scenes in Shanghai and Beijing.

[Click to see many stills (mostly from Shanghai):]
Beijing city wall:

Shanghai, battle for the city in May 1949; soldiers running along Sichuan Road toward the bridge across Suzhou Creek:

South Shanxi Road, looking across Beijing Road:

Down goes the Kuomintang flag, thrown off the roof of the Broadway Mansions:

Waving the Communist flag on the roof of the General Post Office:

The central part of the Bund:

The Yokohama Specie Bank, Yangtsze Insurance Building and Jardine Matheson & Co:

The Bund, next to the HSBC building:

One of the lions in front of the HSBC:

The iconic view of the Bund from the top of the Gützlaff Tower:

View inland from the Gützlaff Tower along Avenue Edward VII, toward the Cotton Exchange and Chung Wai Bank:

Tibet Road, I think:

The Bund:

View from the Broadway Mansions over Suzhou Creek:

Motorboats on Suzhou Creek:

Bubbling Well Road, near the Racecourse:

View over Hongkou:

The French Consulate – has anyone seen it in color before? – and the Messageries Maritimes:

Luban Road, Wastewater treatment plant tower and the French depot:

Living on boats:

Apocalyptic sunset:

Counting the money as the boat passes the Embankment Building:

Royal coat of arms on the gate of the British Consulate, 33 on the Bund:

Traffic in front of the Cathay House:

Passenger in a pedicab:

Pedicab and rickshaw traffic on the Bund:

And in some narrow streets:

Rickshaw passengers, sometimes defiant, sometimes guilty-looking, caught on the Soviet camera:

Looking south along Luban Road, toward the Water Treatment Plant's water tower:

The overgrown facade of the Picardie:

Tibet Road, near the New World:

Miserable life on the banks of Zhaojia Creek:

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