Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

Lovely, if fuzzy, footage of Shanghai in mid-1930s

At 0:15 there is a view along North Szechuen Road showing the New Asia Hotel, finished by May 1934, but the Bridge House Apartments is not yet looming behind it, which allows to narrow the dates of the footage to June 1934–May 1935. At 1:27 there is a sign "Welcome U.S.S. Augusta." This American cruiser visited Shanghai in November 1933, September 1934, April, June and October 1935, May and October 1936, April 1937, August 1937 and April 1938. One of 1937 visits is documented in the Malcolm Rosholt collection at HPC.

So I would say the footage is from September 1934.

Some people identify years much faster by looking at the models of cars, but I lack this skill. The presense of large aircraft carriers and gunboats on the Huangpu and small airplanes on an airfield should also be a clue.

Tags: 1930s, 1934, footage, international settlement, shanghai, video

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