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Then and Now: Tai Chong & Co., Ltd (1923)

Tai Chong & Co., Ltd 泰昌公司
Furniture Manufacturers, House Furnishers and Decorators.
Address: Nanking Road, NW corner of Kueichow Road 南京东路740号
Status: the building still exists.

From the North-China Herald, March 17, 1923: "The new building, for whose design Mr J. W. WIlson of Messrs Algar & Co. is responsible, is particularly attractive in elevation, and well suited to the purposes of a retail furnishing establishment. It has large and airy showrooms which are unusually well lighted. The whole structure is absolutely fire-proof, being framed entirely with reinforced concrete. The planning and detail of the building is extremely dignified, yet most practical. [...] The building is four storey high, the top being used as a roof garden. On the ground floor are large and varied stocks of silver and electro-plated ware, ornaments, crockery, hardware, etc., the office of Mr. Loh*, the general manager, and a reception room. On the first floor is the furniture department. Here are exhibited articles of every design and assortment, both for home and the office. Two attractive mahjong tables, with playing sets, catch the eye of the visitor here. There are also on this floor two "model rooms" fitted with every accessory serving to give prospective homemakers an idea of what is necessary in the parlour and the dining room. The second floor is given over to a handsome display of beds, blankets, carpets, tapestries, etc. Those for the most part come either from England or America, only a small portion being obtained locally..."

* Thanks to Dean Chen's investigation, we think Mr. Loh was most likely Le Zhenbao 乐振葆, who opened the Tai Chong furniture company 泰昌木器公司 in 1871.

Today's streetview is here:

Image: map.qq.com.

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