Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

Over 2,600 historic images of Shanghai mapped on PastVu

C. H. Wong Photo Studio is still at the same address and now has a little museum. Image: Shine.

Among the latest 100 additions to the Mapping Old Shanghai project there are:

Several views of Astor Theatre 沪光大戏院, now gone:

These amazing images of brothel servants carrying courtesans:

Two images of the same corner on North Sichuan Road, photographed about ten years apart:

Most of the photos of the Japanese Consulate that I could find:

This beautiful Annex and Garage of the I.S.S. Apartments (the Normandie):

A few images around Pearce Apartments in Hongkou:

Some stores on Broadway:

The rest of the recent additions can be found in the Gallery. There is now a Facebook page where I post highlights from this project: Mapping Old Shanghai.

Link to the map

You can use various base maps: Mapnik street map, Google Scheme, Google Satellite or Yandex Satellite (sometimes sharper than Google).

To switch between architectural drawings and photographs, select the icon with the landscape or the photocamera. To open each image in a new window click the icon with the arrow to the right of the landscape icon:

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