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Over 2,500 historic images of Shanghai mapped on PastVu

Girl in Pudong, 1937. Image: Jonas Gunnar Andersson.

The latest 100 additions to the Mapping Old Shanghai project include:

A couple views of David House on Kiangse Road:

Some views of stores on Broadway, right behind Astor House:

The beauty of this otherwise standard shot is that it is taken in 1929 just before the scaffolding on the Sassoon House (right) came off:

Two old cinemas in one frame. Thanks go out to genius 老壶嚼早2 for finding and idetifying this, and many other photographs:

Some views of Shanghai in 1991, from Bernard Annebicque's collection on Getty:

A fabulous series of high-angle shots taken from the top of the Trinity Church, showing how developed Shanghai was back in 1850s (the photo is from the endless treasure trove of Historic Photographs of China):

Also, some views of the Trinity Church as it was until 1864 – it looks rather sturdy, which evidently, it was not:

All of the Ford Hire Services are now properly attached to their locations – thanks to 随意-sy:

Now all three of the improbable rocky views of Shanghai are on the map (1, 2, 3):

So far I've been avoiding the Broadway Mansions (too obvious a target for so many photographers), but now I finally threw a whole bunch of its images on the map. I caught some flak for this beautiful luggage tag, after some moderators doubted its artistic merit:

I'm always happy to find new photographs of the old town, and now thanks 随意-sy's help with identification, there is this series of high-angle shots of Minkuo Road 民国路 (now Renmin Road) in 1931:

Other additions can be found in the Gallery. There is now a Facebook page where I post highlights from this project: Mapping Old Shanghai.

Link to the map

You can use various base maps: Mapnik street map, Google Scheme, Google Satellite or Yandex Satellite (sometimes sharper than Google).

To switch between architectural drawings and photographs, select the icon with the landscape or the photocamera. To open each image in a new window click the icon with the arrow to the right of the landscape icon:

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