Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

Then and Now: Shanghai during the Cultural Revolution

Shanghai during the Cultural Revolution, 1967. Speaking of the changes in the urban landscape – I knew about the vandalism and damage to the buildings, but had not realized how much paper and print was involved. The whole city, evidently, was wrapped in paper at the eye level and above. Source of images: https://weibo.com/6055128528/Hp6EytRIW, originally from www.medienarchiv.com (all original images have been enlarged and smoothed).

City God Temple 城隍庙:

Nanjing Road, corner of Jiangxi Road:

Same corner fifty years later, in 2017:

Former Yates Apartments on West Nanjing Road, corner of Shimen Road:

Same corner in 2017:

[See more images from the original source...]
Nanjing Road between Palace Hotel and Peace Hotel:

Same angle 50 years later, in 2017:

Possibly, Yan'an Road near Tongren Road:

Likely, West Nanjing Road:

Laundry drying in the Yu Garden:

Tea house 湖心亭 on the stagnant pond in the Yu Garden 豫园:

Creepy red Nanjing Road:

Former Wing-On department store 永安公司, renamed East is Red Department Store 东方红百货商店:

Custom House on the Bund:

Former Russo-Chinese Bank and Bank of Taiwan:

Tags: 1960s, cultural revolution, photography, shanghai, then and now, 大字报, 文化大革命, 文革

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