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Shanghai Old Town. The Walled City

Shanghai Old Town. The Walled City is now available in stores and online globally.

The Walled City is a historical and photographic atlas of Shanghai's old town – an account of the disappearing architecture, mythology and street life inside the ancient city core. Shanghai is the largest, richest city in China, yet it encompasses a nearly unknown zone in its center that is over 800 years old and contains abundant undocumented relics and lanes rich with history and memory. The book is lavishly illustrated, and each chapter a genealogy of a street or an important site, with a narrative that branches into the surrounding neighborhoods, winding alleys, waterways and ruins. The Walled City also chronicles grand and tragic families with centuries-long ties to this place, who rose and fell with the fortunes of old Shanghai. This volume (2018) is the culmination of ten years of research and surveys the entirety of Shanghai old walled city. The first volume in this series, The Old Docks (2015), covered the Dongjiadu area outside the city wall, a former port zone largely erased by redevelopment in 2016.

Garden Books (325 Changle Road) 韬奋书局 长乐路325号;
Madame Mao's Dowry (207 Fumin Road) 毛太设计 富民路207号;
Foreign Languages Bookstore (390 Fuzhou Rd) 文化书店 福州路209号.

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Amazon USA.
Amazon Italy, France, Germany, UK.

Shanghai Old Town. Topography of a Phantom City. Volume II: The Walled City (2018)
Written by Katya Knyazeva and Adam Sinykin.
Layout and design by Zhdan Philippov.
Hardcover, 560 pages, 738 color illustrations.
: 267x220 mm (10’’x9''), weight 2 kg (4.4 lbs).

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The Walled City


1. Temple of the City God 26
2. Yuyuan. The Garden of Delight 30
3. Ever-Spring Hall. The Forgotten Palace 36
4. Danfeng Road. The Phoenix Tower 44
5. Fuyou Road. Street of Six Religions 50
6. Baodai Lane. The Little East Gate 58
7. Renmin Road. The City Wall 64
8. Lujiazhai Road. Lu Shen’s Residence 70
9. Xueyuan Road. The Magistrate’s Yamen 74
10. Sanpailou Road. Three Arches 82
11. Fujia Street. The County Prison 86
12. Sipailou Road. The Small Swords 90
13. Fangbang Road. Creeks of the Old Town 96
14. Guangfu Lane. The Oldest Temple 104
15. Wangyima Lane. Medieval Island 110
16. Guoyutang Street. Nourish the Virtue 120
17. Yaojia Lane. Barbarians vs. Celestials 124
18. East Street. Markets and Bridges 128


19. Xundao Street. Headquarters of the Daotai 136
20. Shuyinlou. The Secret Library 144
21. Heshun Street. Temple of the Fire God 166
22. The Watchtower 176
23. Qiaojia Road. The Palace of Happiness 180
24. Catalpa Garden. Wang Yiting and Albert Einstein 188
25. Yijiatang. The Rebel Millionaire 202
26. Guangqi Road. Shanghai’s Favorite Son 210
27. Yujia Lane. The Ancient Ginkgo 224
28. Baiyang Lane. The Big South Gate 228
29. Yeshiyuan Lane. Also-A-Garden 232
30. Jinjiaqigan Street. The King of Dyes 236
31. Ninghe Road. The Floating Market 240
32. Qiaojiashan. Empire of Rice Cakes 246
33. Yaoju Lane. The Medicine Guildhall 252
34. Fuyuantang. Collecting the Dead 256
35. Dafufang. Grand Master’s Arch 262
36. Zhaojiazhai Road. the foundling home 268
37. Aijia Lane. Mushrooms and Mugwort 272
38. Hongqiao Lane. Saints and Sinners 280
39. Meijia Street. The Poet’s Corner 286
40. Tangjia Lane. Chasing Courtesans 294
41. Wangyun Road. Stars and Strikes 300
42. Daochuan Lane. My Other Dwelling 304
43. Jingtu Street. Respect for Lettered Paper 308
44. Meixi Lane. The Last Tiger Stove 312
45. Penglai Road I. The Temple of Dissent 318


46. Penglai Road II. The Peaches of Shanghai 328
47. Longmencun. Dragon Gate Academy 336
48. Xianmianci Street. The Cotton Temple 344
49. Wenmiao Road. Temple of Confucius 348
50. Laodaoqian Street. The Obsolete Yamen 358
51. Menghua Street. the Comfort House 362
52. Caojia Street. The Old West Gate 372
53. Jingxiu Road. Rendezvous at the Nunnery 378
54. Xicangqiao Street. West of the Granary 382
55. Zhuangjia Street 390


56. Pear Garden. The Actors’ Guild 400
57. Nine-Mu Field and Enlightenment Lane 408
58. Songxue Street. Grace Church 416
59. Street of the Red Banisters 422
60. Kongjia Lane. God of War and Goddess of Love 430
61. Jinjiafang. The Golden Family 440
62. Xima Street. Espionage Headquarters 452
63. Yiqing Street. Bad Old Elements 460
64. Luxiangyuan Road. Dew Fragrance Garden 464
65. The Ningbo Guildhall 472




Timeline of the Old Town

Street Index

Image Credits



The partner volume Shanghai Old Town. Topography of a Phantom City. Volume I: The Old Docks (2015)
is available at Garden Books (325 Changle Road) 韬奋书局 长乐路325号, and also at Amazon USA, Italy, France, Germany, UK.

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