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Old town in a feature film

The blogger Ding Liangcai 丁良才 identified the old town locations shown in the 1961 feature film Peach and Plum Blossom in Spring 春催桃李, directed by Lin Yang 林杨. Mr. Ding grew up around Gaojia Lane 高家弄, and the filming took place literally at his doorstep.

Cultured Phoenix Lane 文凤里, 27 Gaojia Lane 高家弄27弄:

Intersection of Gaojia Lane 高家弄 and Gaojiaheng Lane 高家横弄:

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Another angle of the same intersection:

View along Gaojiaheng Lane 高家横弄:

Lane 5 Gaojiaheng Lane 高家横弄5弄:

Near 28 Gaojia Lane 高家弄28号门口:

View from Fuxing Road 复兴路 toward Zhongxin Lane 中心弄 (which is now just another speed lane on the highway) turning to Gaojia Lane 高家弄. There is a lot of running around this corner in this movie:

Xicangqiao Street 西仓桥街:

Zhuangjia Street 庄家街:

Playground of the Hui Minority School 回民二小操场, at Liujiang Street 柳江街:

Almost all of the streets shown above – Gaojia Lane, Xicangqiao Street, Zhuangjia Street – still exist more or less in the same shape.

Map from 1989: Virtual Shanghai.

The film, to quote this book, is "set in a primary school during the Great Leap Forward era. At the start of the film, a semi-illiterate housewife is made head teacher of the school. The narrative revolves around her efforts to change the outdated way of thinking of a professional but old-fashioned colleague and to prepare her pupils to play their part in the proletarian revolution."

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