Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

Over 1,700 historic photos of Shanghai mapped on PastVu

The most recent additions include:

- Chen Qimei Memorial 陈其美纪念塔 in the old town;
- Del Monte Cafe on Avenue Haig – to the rejoicing of our Shanghai history buffs – about which I wrote for Magazeta;
- Tianfu Theatre 天蟾舞台 on Foochow Road;
- lots of views of the Green Lotus Tea House 青莲阁 on Foochow Road, of which I wrote for Magazeta and for myself;
- Houses in the Columbia Circle, from the private collections of the descendants of the residents;
- two views of the Yah Dah Ziang 协大祥 store at the Little East Gate (better low-res than no-res);
- the Workers' Culture Palace (former Grand Hotel), also featured in Magazeta;
- the Renaissance Cafe on Avenue Joffre, from a Chinese fashion magazine;
- the Neon Apartments 年红公寓, the provenance of which I'm still pondering;
- several angles on the Yates Apartments 同孚大楼;
- Livin-Goldenstaedt's drawing of the Astrid Apartments 南昌大楼;
- Poy Gum Lee's project 刘公馆 on Route Kaufmann, now a boutique hotel;
- C. H. Gonda's drawing of the Cathay Theatre, when the architect still thought he was designing a Carlton property;
- multiple angles on the New World 新世界 amusement centre in different eras;
- an ultra-rare image of the New Stage 新舞台 theatre in the old city;
- the Majestic Apartments 大华公寓 in various degrees of completion;
- and many more.

Link to the map

You can switch between the base maps and use the street grid, Google Scheme, Google Satellite or Yandex Satellite (which is often sharper than Google).

To only see the drawings, and not the photographs, choose the icon with the landscape, to the right of the photocamera:

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