Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

Over 1,600 historic photos of Shanghai mapped on PastVu

The most recent additions include:

- a bunch of views of the Confucian Temple in the old town;
- several rare images from Brian Beesley's family archive, showing the vicinity of the Normandie apartments: two angles of the arches and one of the building across the road;
- several images of the Nanshi Fire Station and the Watchtower (one of which had to be flipped);
- some bookstores along Henan Road;
- a beautiful pharmacy on Fuzhou Road;
- several images of Meixi Primary School in the old town, including one drawing;
- a whole lot of drawings from the Daily Pictorial 图画日报 (1909) of various sights in the old town;
- many images by Guo Bo, my favorite Shanghai photographer, scanned from his book;
- the construction site of the Juxingcheng Bank in downtown Shanghai – this one took a little bit of effort to identify;
- more views of Nanking Road, the most photographed street in Shanghai of all times;
- little corners like this always make me happy;
- a bunch of photographs from the Cultural Revolution era pulled from the Getty Images;
- and many others...

Link to the map

You can switch between the base maps and use the street grid, Google Scheme, Google Satellite or Yandex Satellite (which is often sharper than Google).

To only see the drawings, and not the photographs, choose the icon with the landscape, to the right of the photocamera:

Tags: mapping, pastvu, shanghai

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