Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

Historic Ezra Building demolished

There has been a lot of vigorous renovation in the blocks near the Bund, and much of it includes complete destruction of historic architecture. This is Ezra Building (新康大楼), on the northeast corner of Jiangxi Road and Jiujiang Road, photographed by Thomas Struth in 1996 (it's on the left):

Recent Google satellite image reveals the disappearance of the building:

Here is an alternative satellite view, showing the building before the gutting:

And here is the gutting in progress:

Here is the streetview before the Ezra Building was covered in scaffolding:

The is all part of the renovated Central Arcade, so if some time later anyone shows you the 'restored' historic Ezra Building, don't believe them! The real one has been demolished in spite of its protected status, awarded in 2015:

It's pretty amazing what passes for historic preservation in Shanghai. Here is a nice overview of the building when it was still standing, which includes a lot of interior details, such as fireplaces, mosaic floor tile and brass door handles, now all gone up in construction dust:

Tags: bund, central arcade, demolition, jiangxi road, jiujiang road, redevelopment, shanghai, 九江路, 拆迁, 江西路

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