Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

Views from the West Park Mansions

This series of views in the Malcolm Rosholt collection at HPC is taken from a high floor in the West Park Mansions 西园公寓, an apartment house near Jessfield Park (now Zhongshan Park 中山公园). The address is 1396 Yuyuan Road (愚园路1396号):

1. These two villas with front lawns are in the northeastern direction from the West Park Mansions; they no longer stand. Jessfield Road (Changning Road 长宁路) is seen behind them, left side of the shot:

2. The camera is now looking to the right of the two villas. Three rows of lane houses with pitched roofs (center right) are still there, as well as the mansions closer the camera (lower right corner):

3. Looking still further right. Yuyuan Road is runinng along the right edge of the shot, where the chimneys are. The villas on the north side still stand:

4. Looking at the south side of Yuyuan Road that is running diagonally at the bottom of the image, lined with trees. Most of the buildings are still there today:

If the camera continued to turn right, it would have captured the Gardenia Cabaret on Yuyuan Road, but alas! Rosholt probably did not want to aim the camera toward south, to avoid the sun glare.
Tags: archive, international settlement, jessfield road, shanghai, west park mansions, yuyuan road

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