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Her name was Jessie

On the origins of Jessfield Road and Love Lane, from an article in The China Press (1933):

Most everyone has been to Jessfield Park. Why is the road connecting it with Bubbling Well Road known as Jessfield Road? Right here is the romance for you. Dr. Hawks Pott, president of St. John's University, wrote in his 'Short History of Shanghai' concerning the naming of Jessfield Road.

The origin of the name Jessfield recalls a romantic story of the early days. A Portuguese gentleman while passing a circus tent erected in Hongkew, heard the cries of a small girl who was being ill-treated. He purchased her freedom from the circus company and sent her, in care of a missionary, to the United States for education. Upon her return he married her, and as her name was Jessie, he called his country place, now the site of St. John's University, Jessfield. The road connecting it with Bubbling Well Road thus became Jessfield Road.

Do you know where in Shanghai Love Lane is? Now it is just a short avenue between Bubbling Well and Yates Roads, but in the early days it was a lovers' walk. There used to be a narrow creek there, with branches of old trees drooping above, making the place an ideal walk for young lovers on sunny afternoons or moonlight nights.

Photo: Entrance to Love Lane in 1903, by Satow.

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