Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

A trove of top-quality images of old Shanghai

Have you seen the most iconic view of Shanghai Bund at the width of almost 18 thousand pixels? Click here then.

The website Le croiseur Lamotte-Picquet exists since 2009, but it's the first time I clicked on every picture and realized they are in supremely high resolution and scan quality. You can enlarge some of the iconic shots until every building and every sign are visible. Oh joy!

All images are from 1937.

Detail from the top image:

The view from the Embankment Building over Suzhou Creek spanned by the Sichuan Road Bridge – almost 18 thousand pixels wide:


The view from the tower of the Race Club over Nanking Road, Tibet Road and the massive Da Sun department store.

Detail. The Bank of China in the distance is in scaffolding and looks ready to be topped out:

The most photographed stretch of Nanking Road, one block away east from the two famous department stores. The image must have been taken from the roof terrace of the Dah Chong Silk Co. building that stood at the corner of Shanse Road:


Nanking Road, looking east, toward the river, from a high floor of Wing On's new tower:

Detail. This is Da Chong Silk emporium that provided the vantage point for the previous shot:

There are many other great shots of Shanghai on the website (and several more are tucked in the Tsingtao section). Triple cheers to the author!

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