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Katya Knyazeva's scrapbook

Shanghai history and architecture

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See all the entries on Shanghai Russians.
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Search for old photos of Shanghai on the map.

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Read my article on Vladimir Zhiganov on academia.edu.

Читать о шанхайской архитектуре по-русски (серия в Магазете).

Back in Shanghai after two years

I expected a lot of changes, but everything seems the same, except for Wechat payments. Here are the takeouts from today's lecture on restoring and reusing historic architecture:

Before they are slaughtered, the animals can become ferocious, and the workers needed a place to escape! [...] Elements have been added to evoke a ‘soft feel’ [...] These are products designed by western masters [...] You can see many holes in the ground that are round [...] The ‘whole old’ endures [...] To repair a building is a complex thing" [...]

Image source: Wechat group Historic Shanghai
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#110 Shanghai Architecture Series: Street of the Red Banisters 红栏杆街60号

Read in Russian or in Google English.

Great photo album depicting the onset of the Japanese invasion in 1937
Flickr photo set by espsol (never mind the date in the flickr set)

The author's description: "Photos from my grandfather's album. I am not sure if he took the photos himself or if they were given to him by friends. My grandfather [...] had a shop selling preserved Scandinavian food. Both his shop and apartment was bombed, so he stayed in the Norwegian consulate and assisted with rescue and evacuation of Norwegian and Scandinavian persons."

The bombing of Chapei.

The bombing of the Sassoon House.

[See more...]

Looking toward the flames of Wusung from the Bund, over the Public Gardens.

Sandbagging the commercial buildings.

U.B. Alley: someone got their priorities right.

Seen this guy with a saber, on the right, many times, but faces are harder to remember than buildings... Commandant Fabre? Experts, help!

All set.

Meanwhile, in the real world...

The panic. (This is probably Broadway?)

This is Xujiahui.

Norwegians boarding the ship.

See the whole album on flickr.

S-shaped skybridge near Love Lane
I did not know there used to be this crazy pedestrian skybridge over Nanjing Road, near Wujiang Road:


#109 Shanghai Architecture Series: Love Lane / Wujiang Road / 吴江路

Read the article in Russian or in Google English; see photos of Love Lane on the historic map.

Over 1,800 historic photos of Shanghai mapped on PastVu

The most recent additions include:

- German restaurant on Bubbling Well Road;
- various views of Love Lane and vicinity, including the Italian Consulate and the Country Club;
- a number of stills from a 1961 propaganda movie filmed in the old town;
- some Vladislav Mikosha's color photos;
- a rare image of a Taoist temple near the Racecourse, now turned into a lawn;
- the maestro Harrison Forman near a market north of Suzhou Creek, with the Bankers' Guildhall behind him;
- identified another shot of the Central Arcade, in 1973, and another one, of DD's Cafe;
- been gnawing at the Werner von Boltenstern's collection of rare (and difficult to identify) streets and corners; here are a couple more images taken near Beihai Road;
- more disappeared blocks on Yan'an Road. Can't believe it was necessary to tear down such substantial and tall buildings!
- another successful detection: a stretch of Tibet Road, near Jiujiang Road;
- the corner entrance to the Boissezon Apartments; why did the beautiful garage have to go?
- Tuberculosis Clinic that used to be on Huashan Road; the site is gone but it is now Huashan Hospital territory;
- cute Mark's Apartments on Bubbling Well Road; never noticed that one;
- beautiful hi-res panorama of the Bund around 1923;
- some rare old photos of Pure Heart Church, Lowrie Institute and Mary Farnham Girls' School;
- Majestic Apartments on Bubbling Well Road in various stages of construction;
- and many more.

Link to the map

You can switch between the base maps and use the street grid, Google Scheme, Google Satellite or Yandex Satellite (which is often sharper than Google).

To only see drawings, and not photographs, choose the icon with the landscape, to the right of the photocamera:

Nice colorizations
Nanjing Road, near Shanxi Road, looking west toward the famous department stores (click image to see the location):

One block closer to the stores, at the intersection with Fujian Road (click image to see the location):

At the Longhua Temple:

Dongmen Road, just outside the Little East Gate (click image to see the location):

At the tram hub near the former Old West Gate (click image to see the location):

So much more vivid than the original:

The source of the colorized photographs is in the link.

Early photoshop (1930s)

Worker at the foreground cut out and replanted from another picture (from a 1930s magazine).

1937 vs. 1968
Nanking Road in 1937:

...and exactly the same angle in 1968:

Art-deco garage in the Boissezon Apartments

This uncaptioned photo by Harrison Forman is actually taken at the entrance of the Boissezon Apartments. Just did you know how elegant the art deco garage doors used to be? Today there is not a trace of them.